Bell Industries

1" Ballast/Rascher/Pall Ring


Ballast/Rascher/Pall rings are tubular pieces commonly used as random packing materials in chemical processing and mass transfer operations, such as fractional distillation. They are a cylindrical tube typically having an equal length.

Due to their critical role in chemical separation processes, it is essential to employ quality and consistent Ballast/Rascher/Pall rings made by an experienced manufacturer.

Companies employ Ballast/Rascher/Pall rings in a wide variety of tasks that require Chemical Separation, Mass Transfer, or Fractional Distillation. Their surface area and shape create a randomly packed distillation environment that performs better than fractal patterns and allows for good internal liquid distribution, consistent and repeatable efficiency, and offers a high percentage of void space. Depending on the construction material and wall thickness, they also allow for predictable rates of heat transfer for standardized chemical processes.