Bell Industries

Bell Vessel Anode Adapter


The Internal Vessel Anode Adapter is the most cost-effective choice to protect your tank or vessel from internal corrosion. The anode adapter can be mounted on most ANSI rated flanged access ports on your tank or vessel. Most commonly used with a 3” – 150lb or 4” – 150lb ANSI access fitting, the internal vessel anode adapter is also available in a wider variety of port sizes and pressure ratings. When partnered with a sacrificial anode, anode adapter lead and a corresponding insulating kit, the internal vessel anode adapter completes the cathodic protection circuit in your tank to provide a low maintenance and easily serviceable option to mitigate internal corrosion.

  • Designed to work with most ANSI rated flanged access ports
  • 5/8" NF threading on the barrel to support most sacrificial anode sizes
  • Coated with Endura EX-2C for high resistance to chemicals, abrasions and impact