Bell Industries

Downhole Acid


Downhole Acid is a combination of Inhibited Sulfamic Acid and a Surfactant in a solid stick form. Downhole Acid’s primary application is as an economical treatment for scale, carbonate deposits, and corrosion products. They are used in water injection wells and producing oil and gas wells. The visible result of this product is in the reduction in injection pressure in disposal wells. Downhole Acid is often effective in both the reduction and inhibition of the above.

Downhole Acid is effective in both open hole and perforated interval completions. They may be applied through the water holding tanks or by dropping them in the well directly. Applying the Downhole Acid directly to the well is the best method of application because the treatment is concentrated at the desired point.

Downhole Acid is soluble in water and is insoluble in oil. The Downhole Acid will start dissolving immediately on contact with the water. With agitation, the stick will completely dissolve in four to six hours. The dissolution rate will vary with salinity, temperature, and agitation intensity. The stick will fall approximately 100’ per minute in water. This decent rate will vary if there is gas in the column. The dissolving rate may be reduced in wells with higher bottom hole temperatures (135 degrees Far.) by coating the stick with a grease. We recommend that this product not be used on cement-lined pipe or on potable water systems.

We recommend the use of these sticks as follows:

Size Initial Treatment

FS-ACID 16 (1.25" OD) 2 to 6 sticks per foot of Perf.
Or Open Hole Interval

FS-ACID 18 (1 5/8" OD) 1 to 3 sticks per foot of Perf.
Or Open Hole Interval

Maintenance Treatment

Each well is different. We suggest applying one stick when the injection pressure begins increasing. The number of sticks used, and their frequency of use will vary. Experiment with the number and time of application to find the best combination for your well needs. It has been observed that when using this product on injection wells, if the well is shut in for 3 to 6 hours after applying the sticks, the well often responds better to the treatment. We feel the reason for this is the treatment is concentrated at the formation face.

Liquid Surfactant is specially formulated as a brine and brine/condensate foamer and friction reducer for both salt and fresh water producing gas wells. Another application is as a pressure reducer in water injection systems.