Bell Industries

Fisher-Stevens' Condensate/Salt Water Foamer


Fisher-Stevens' Condensate/Salt Water Foamer contains surfactant in a solid form and is specially formulated as brine and brine/condensate foamer and is a friction reducer for both salt water and condensate producing gas wells.

The primary application of the CONDENSATE SOAP STICKS is to foam the water and condensate in gas wells which are loaded up. This increases the flow rate of the well by lowering the hydrostatic head on the formation. The foaming of the water and condensate, combined with the increased flow rate, allows the well to unload the fluid, achieving a higher rate of production. The foaming action will often clean the well bore of deposits, which build up.

Condensate/Salt Water Foamer is most effective by applying it in the well when the flow rate begins decreasing. The agitation of the gas flow through the water facilitates the foaming of the water when the product is applied. If a well is dead, CONDENSATE/SALT WATER FOAMER is effective when used in combination with swabbing the well. The foaming action assists in the removal of the fluid by keeping the fluid column lighter while swabbing, helping to recover more fluid on each swab run. The foaming of the fluid left in the well after swabbing, combined with gas flow from the zone, can keep the well from loading up so quickly. The CONDENSATE/SALT FOAMER is soluble in water and is INSOLUBLE in oil/condensate. Water must be present to dissolve the stick.

We recommend the use of one to three sticks in a well in any one application. Every well is different in the way it will perform. Experiment with the number of sticks used and the time of their use to find the best combination for the individual well.