Bell Industries

FS-16 BIT Sticks


FS-16 BIT Sticks are a water soluble and condensate dispersible stick that contains a blend of surfactants and friction reducer and can be used in salt or freshwater applications.

The primary use of the FS-16 BIT Sticks is to increase drill bit life and efficiency during drilling. This is achieved by the coating and foaming action of the stick. The purpose is to prevent clays from forming on the drill bit during the drilling process. It has also been shown to assist jets on drill bits from plugging thus assisting mud and cuttings in their return to the surface. This combines to increase drill bit penetration.

The FS-16 BIT Sticks have also shown the ability to assist in swabbing and extending the use of the swab cups. They will also help in the removal of fluid from gas/condensate wells.

The amount of FS-16 BIT Sticks used per application will vary from one well to another. Water weight, mud weight, depth, and other variables come into play. Tests indicate that 2 to 4 FS-16 BIT STICKS per joint of drill stem added will be a good starting point. You can choose to add or subtract the number of sticks used once you have received your initial result so that you can receive the best benefit you are looking for.

Drop the amount of sticks you have decided on each time an additional joint of drill pipe is added to the drill string. The components in the stick will dissolve as fluid moves down hole. Remember to add sticks each time a joint of drill pipe is added. Be sure to remove each stick from its cardboard tube before applying.