Bell Industries is a manufacturers' representative. Currently Bell Industries represents the following manufacturers:

  • Joe's Hand Cleaner from Kleen Products
  • Fisher-Stevens down-hole soap products
  • Harbision-Fischer/Johnson-Fagg wellhead production equipment
  • Nowata Proguard filtration products
  • Ham-Let's Let-Lok instrumentation fittings, valves and tubing

In addition to being a manufacturers' representative, Bell Industries also carries its own brand of products:

  • B2CD (kevlar brass) high temperature stuffing box packing in conical, ring and vee-ring styles
  • 3" × 22" aluminum, zinc and magnesium treater anodes with 5/8" NFT male and female threads
  • Magnesium and zinc packaged anodes and accessories
  • Tank flanges and insulation heads (Fagg heads) for treater anodes
  • Wire leads (pig tails) and flange tabs
  • Stuffing box spray shields

Mission Statement

Bell Industries has been proudly serving the Canadian energy industry since 1962. We pride ourselves on always having what you need in stock, when you need it. Our inventory is your inventory at Bell Industries.

Thank you!