Bill Bell

Bill started Bell Industries in 1962. Bill was well known around the oil patch and often visited the field locations staying in touch with his customers. Bill turned the business over to his son who ran the business for a number of years before selling and moving on to other ventures. The business has changed management a few times over the years and is now managed by Kirk Pflughaupt.

Kirk Pflughaupt

Kirk has been a part of the energy industry for many years now. Recently he worked as a project manager with a major energy transportation company based in Edmonton, where he gained valuable knowledge and experience in the oil and gas sector. Prior to that, Kirk worked in the service, support and maintenance sectors of the energy industry. Working in different areas of the industry, and with people with varied backgrounds, has meant that communication and customer service has always been an integral part of Kirk's career. He has a strong commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction and brings that commitment to Bell Industries.

Please feel free to contact Kirk to discuss what Bell Industries can do for your organization. We would be happy to work with you to meet your needs.